Irish Black & Green


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Our Irish Black & Green (Black & Tans) with Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale and Irish Slammer Nitro Stout were met with such great reviews, we decided to offer them in 4 packs! Starting today, mixed 4 packs with 2 Irish Slammer Nitro Stouts & 2 Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ales will be available! Remember when making your own at home, Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale must be poured first into your glass, then agitate Irish Slammer Nitro Stout by gently rotating the can 3 times and pouring it over an upside down spoon, held directly over your glass of Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale! Happy St Paddy’s, we can’t wait to get lucked up with you this weekend!

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